Making sure you have the right footwear when out walking is essential. This guide to hiking boots for men will help you find a perfect fit that promises to last as long as you do in the hills.

This guide only includes three-season hiking boots for men. In short, this means that they are appropriate for use in the spring, summer, and fall but not in the winter when a special winter walking boots for men would be more appropriate.

However, with advances in technology and materials, the lines between three-season walking boots and winter boots have become slightly blurred. Some hiking boots will be perfectly adequate for winter walking, especially on gentler slopes and below the snowline. More generally, these three-season boots are designed for everyday outdoor use – from country trails to moorland, hill, and mountain paths.

Our expert reviewer, John Manning has put the best three-season walking boots for men through their paces. This guide focuses on the best walking boots for men, exclusively. If you’re looking for women’s walking boots then see our guide to the best walking boots for women. For both, see our article on the best walking boots for men and women.

If you’ve found yourself in need of a new pair of boots prematurely, you can support this investment by brushing up on waterproofing your walking boots to make them last longer. If you aren’t quite ready for a new pair of walking boots and are wondering what can be done to your current pair to make them feel fresh again, we’ve answered your burning questions on resoling or repairing walking boots.

How we test our walking boots

John has medium-to-broad UK10.5 (EU45) feet; his left foot is marginally larger. He tested the boots on varied terrain, from limestone and gritstone Pennine fells to steep vegetated slopes, muddy field paths and pathless Pennine moors. The footwear was weighed at home on his kitchen scales. 

Our picks of the best walking boots for men

Scarpa Mojito Hike GTX

Scarpa Mojito Hike GTX

John Manning’s Best In Test

At £205 it’s the pricey ­– but that’s the price of quality and comfort.
  • Comfort
  • Weight
  • Stability
  • Full Boot Lacing
  • Traction
  • Low Instep
  • Price
Quick specs
Price: £205
Weight: 970g (stated, men’s size 8/EU42)/1,195g (on JM’s scales, men’s size 10.5/EU45)
Eco/ethical claims: Bluesign-approved Gore-Tex lining materials; resoleable by Scarpa; Scarpa publishes a Green manifesto.
Materials: 1.8mm Ware resistant suede upper; Gore-Tex lining
Features: Vibram XS Trek rubber outsole; Gore-Tex BlueSign-approved membrane; round core laces
Sizes: men’s 7–13/EU41–48; women’s 3.5–8/EU36–42
Women/men’s version: Yes

The Mojito Hike GTX is a hiking boot designed to resemble a climbing shoe, offering a comfortable and supportive walking experience. The boot features a climbing shoe-like lacing system, allowing for a precise, supportive fit throughout the boot. The suede upper’s stiffness ensures minimal shift, allowing for a comfortable hike without constant pauses.

The boot is rated as medium fit, providing room for comfort without shifting or tightness. The Vibram XS Trek rubber outsole provides decent traction and a natural walking action, while the half-centimeter instep aids braking on slopes. The suede upper initially runs off when crossing flooded ground, but later darkens as moisture absorbs moisture.

A rubber bumper at the front protects the toes from rock impacts, but the toe area is roomy enough to avoid toe battering during descents. At £195, the Mojito Hike GTX falls within the acceptable weight range for comfort, making it a great choice for those seeking quality and comfort.

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Hanwag Blueridge ES

Hanwag Blueridge ES

John Manning Highly Recommends

I’ve never experienced a more comfortable boot.
  • Comfortable Tongue
  • Comfy Fabric
  • Price
  • Double Hook Lacing
  • Low Instep
  • Flexible
Quick specs
Price: $270 | £185
Weight: 1120g (stated, men’s size 8/EU42); 1342g (on JM’s scales, men’s size 10.5/EU45)
Eco/ethical claims: manufactured in Hanwag’s European factories from 100% European-sourced fully traceable components; upper made from Perwanger leather (from certified Alpine region suppliers, produced using minimal water and energy) and 100% recycled polyamide; PFC-free Eco-Shell membrane; Hanwag Hike Pro 15% recycled rubber outsole; Sustainable Apparel Coalition member
Materials: hydrophilic PFC-free EcoShell membrane; Perwanger suede and recycled polyamide upper fabric upper; Hanwag Hike Pro outer sole; EcoShell lining; PU foam Breathfit tongue
Features: Terragrip outsole with 4mm-deep tread and extra-large lugs; made in Europe
using fully traceable European components
Sizes: men’s 6–13 (EU39.5–48.5) including half sizes; women’s 3.5-9 (EU36–43) including half sizes
Women/men’s version: both

The Hanwag Blueridge ES hiking boot is a comfortable and luxurious option, thanks to its design and the combination of tongue, collar, and upper Perwanger suede. The tongue is made of soft PU foam with Breathfit padding, resembling neoprene used in diving suits. The collar is a lightly padded foam-padded fabric, while the upper is a soft, luxuriant Perwanger suede that gently embraces the foot.

The sole is not as rigid as some, but the flex point is just right for the user. The sole offers good traction on various surfaces and shows signs of wear after just a few weeks, but the boot can still provide a few hundred miles of use. The Hanwag Blueridge ES is the heaviest tested boot, but its comfortable fit and sensual suede upper fabric make it a great choice for hiking.

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Aku Trekker Lite III GTX

Aku Trekker Lite III GTX

John Manning Recommends

The deepest, sturdiest, most formidable of the hiking boots tested in this sample group, and the one that looks most at home in the mountains.
  • triple hook lacing system
  • deep instep
  • comfort
  • security
  • wider fit available (not online)
  • Price
Quick specs
Price: $300 | £200
Weight: 1,140g (stated, men’s UK size 8/EU42)/1,283g (on JM’s scales, men’s size UK 10.5/EU45)
Eco/ethical claims: Behind the Label traceability of materials; materials sourced within European (German, Italian and Romanian) to reduce transportation; ReAct Responsibly sustainability stance; £8 + VAT from each sale goes to The Ramblers’ access campaigns
Materials: air8000 suede with welded PU film upper; Gore-Tex Performance Comfort membrane; Vibram Curcuma outsole; double density EVA midsole; 6–4 mm nylon with microporous EVA lasting board
Features: soft, custom fit footbed; wide versions available; materials traceable online
Sizes: men’s 6.5–15 (EU39.5–48/49); women’s 3–9 (EU35/36–41/42)
Men’s/womens: both

The Trekker Lite III GTX is a lightweight, supportive boot that is perfect for mountain hiking. It weighs 1,283g per pair (size 10.5) and is supportive around the ankle, with a rigid base and heel cup. The Vibram Curcuma outsole provides excellent grip on damp limestone and wet vegetation. However, the firm upper and minimal flex in the sole make foot placement on uneven ground more cautious.

The lacing system is excellent, with laces extending down to the toe box for a secure fit. Round core laces thread through metalware up to three pairs of hooks, ensuring no loss of tension when tying the boot off at the ankle. The boots are made in Aku’s Romanian factory using traceable materials from Europe and are made with traceable materials. Sales also support The Ramblers’ campaigns to protect access to green spaces and rights of way.

In summary, the Trekker Lite III GTX is a comfortable and durable boot that is well-suited for mountain hiking. Its lightweight design, support for traceable materials, and support for environmental causes make it a popular choice for those seeking a durable and comfortable hiking boot.

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Zamberlan Salathe Trek GTX RR

Zamberlan Salathe Trek GTX RR

Lara Dunn’s Highly Recommended

These are an exceptionally comfortable, supportive, capable and well-designed pair of boots and I would have happily awarded them 5 stars if it hadn’t been for that price. They are a solid investment.
  • Light
  • Versatile
  • Supportive
  • RECCO Reflector
  • Style won’t appeal to all
  • Expensive
Quick specs
Price: $330 | £260
Weight: 908g (for size 39)
Pros: Light, versatile, supportive, RECCO reflector
Cons: Style won’t appeal to everyone, expensive
Materials: Hydrobloc Suede, Gore-Tex lining, molded EVA midsole, Vibram Megagrip outsole
Features: RECCO reflector, Gore-Tex lining and waterproof leather upper, laces right down to toe-box
Sizes: UK4-UK9 / EU37-43 (including half sizes)
Women’s/Men’s Version: Women’s (men’s direct equivalent available)

The Zamberlan Salathe Trek GTX RR hiking boots are a lightweight, modern alpine boot with asymmetric pointed toe and protective toe rand. They come in various colors and have funky graphics. Although built on a unisex platform, the boots are comfortable and suitable for various activities, including day walks, scrambles, and alpine hikes. The outsoles are well-suited for various terrains and conditions, and the protective asymmetric toe makes leaping from rock to rock appealing. The boots also feature a waterproof suede upper, Gore-Tex lining, and Vibram sole. The RECCO reflector is included to aid rescue services in locating the wearer. Despite their price, these boots are an excellent choice for those looking for a comfortable, supportive, capable, and well-designed pair of boots.

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