All-terrain tent pegs and other products.
This review is part of our New Brands Gear Guide.
By Chris Townsend
Uneaq Outdoor is a new online retailer with a few interesting own-brand products and a quirky way of selecting stock – it has to have been used and tested by filmmaker Terry Abraham, whose reviews will appear on the Uneaq website.
Uneaq’s own products so far are water bottles and tent pegs, reviewed below. The 650ml water bottles are an unusual shape and can be rolled up. They have a wide, spil- proof cap and a Sawyer filter adapter. Weight is 155g and they cost £9.95.

Tested: Uneaq Outdoor All Terrain Tent Pegs

£29.95 (six) / 25g (each)
The All Terrain Tent Pegs are quite unusual. They have teeth of various sizes all over them and are powder coated in bright yellow so they don’t get lost which, at £29.95 for six, is not something you want to happen. They’re made from Aircraft Grade Aluminium and weigh 25g each. Because they’re so spiky they come in a hard case to protect the rest of your gear. These are not pegs to stuff in with your tent. As the name suggests, they’re designed to be usable in any ground including sand and snow.
I’ve been using these pegs for the last year and they are versatile. They can be used vertically in soft ground and horizontally in very hard ground. Two interlocking pegs hold well in snow.
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