A new design of tent peg for every type of ground

Tent pegs are essential items but they don’t often get much attention. Generally people use those that come with their tent, at least until they lose or bend them.
Supplied pegs are usually all the same type, which means they’ll be fine on some terrain but not everywhere. Sometimes they’re so thin and short that they’re pretty useless anywhere.
A mix of different types is more versatile, as I found on my recent Yosemite Valley to Death Valley walk. On soft forest duff long wide pegs held best. On hard stony desert ground they wouldn’t go in at all and thin titanium pins were needed. I didn’t need to camp on snow but if I had neither type would have been much use.
For snow camping I carry long, wide, curved snow pegs. All this means I’m generally carrying at least half a dozen more pegs than I actually need. With these new All-Terrain Pegs from Uneaq I shouldn’t need to do so.
The pegs arrived while I was away, six of them packed into a plastic box. They look like mini-crampons or shark’s teeth and weigh 25 grams each (my snow pegs are 42 grams each, my other pegs range from 10 to 15 grams each). The length is 15.5cms. Also supplied are lengths of cords and plastic balls for attaching to the pegs to make removal from hard ground easier.
I’ve only tried the pegs briefly so far but I can certainly see how versatile they are. They can be used vertically in soft ground and horizontally in hard ground. I haven’t attached the cords and so far removing them hasn’t been difficult. Despite the many sharp-looking points they’re not harsh on the hands, unlike some much more innocuous-looking pegs. The snow hasn’t been deep enough to see how good they are as snow pegs yet – I’ll be finding that out as soon as it is. The suggestion is that two pegs are used together to create an interlocking brace in snow. As I usually carry six snow pegs to cover all main pegging points that means I’d need twelve Uneaq pegs.
The All-Terrain pegs weigh a little more than the pegs I usually carry but as I’d need fewer of them I doubt there’ll be much total weight difference. I’d still carry a few spares in case of loss though as the All-Terrain pegs are bright yellow they’re much less likely to be overlooked than a thin grey pin. The 63 gram plastic box is useful for storing the pegs at home but in the hills I’ll just use a peg bag.
The pegs also have the endorsement of Terry Abraham who has had an input with the design and has used them extensively.
Once I’ve used them a fair bit I’ll comment again but for now I’m impressed.
£29.95 for a pack of six