The brand reveals three new cooking stoves designed for weekend jaunts with friends and family

Throughout its 100-year history Primus has focussed on designing products to help feed those on strenuous hikes and treks. Now the Swedish brand has decided to stray into new territory with the annoucement that it will be releasing cooking stoves aimed at the slightly more stationary outdoor enthusiast.

For summer 2016 the brand will be releasing its CampFire range. It’s cooking equipment that’s compact and mobile enough to be taken on weekend trips, but not the kind you’d stick in the backpack and walk up a hill with. Basically car camping/base camp stuff.

“While a trekking stove is an important part of the pack list for a well-planned adventure, the new CampFire can be the goal in itself,” explains Primus product manager Per Wååg. “It’s a reason to get out there. Just check for blue skies, chuck the stove in the car, pick up your friends and head off for the day or a weekend trip.”

The Onja (lead picture)

This is the flagship item of the range, a 3kg two-burner stove that can support large pots and allow cooking for up to four people. It’s designed to be simple to assemble and pack away. Once unfolded the body becomes a stable cooking unit that protects the burners from the wind and its oak lid doubles as a cutting board. It runs off 100g, 230g or 450g gas canisters.

The Kinja

This folding dual stove is supposedly suitable for cooking for up to ten people. It features a black powder coating, has an oak covered handle and brass details and can run off all small gas canisters as well as larger camping ones.

The Tupike

Another briefcase-type stove. This option has fold out legs for a more comfortable height and comes with additional side windscreens and a removable stainless steel driptray. There’s also an additional griddle plate so you have the option to boil, fry and grill with this one.

The extras

Primus cooking range

The CampFire range will also feature a utensils kit with a 12cm knife, an oak spatula, fork and spoon and a stainless steel grater, and there’ll also be a series of stainless steel pots and frying pans, plus cutlery and insulating mugs, all Primus says, made out of high-quality materials and in Europe.

All will be available from February/March 2016.