Polygiene, the leading brand in preventing odour-causing bacteria from sweat, have launched new technology to reduce other clothing odours.

Odor Crunch is Polygiene’s answer to the problem of our clothes picking up external, everyday odours – smells like cooking fumes, cigarette smoke, musty damp mould and pollution. With even limited exposure these daily whiffs can leave our clothes smelling unpleasant and feeling dirty – so we wash them when we shouldn’t have to.

How does it work? Polygiene say that Odor Crunch particles eliminate everyday smells in a continuous process. First, the odour modules stick to the Odor Crunch particles, and then, once absorbed, they are catalytically “crunched” into smaller odourless molecules of water and CO2. This eliminates stench from your clothing and produces zero waste. And this process continues the lifetime of the garment.

Everbasics – a German lifestyle clothing designer specialising in stylish basics – is the first brand to partner with Polygiene in this new technology. By including Odor Crunch to the classic Polygiene treatment, the garments will be protected against odour both from inside and outside.

Niklas Brosnan, Marketing Manager for Polygiene says, “Our new combination technology addresses odour from sweat and the new added functionality of eliminating environmental odours that fulfils the Polygiene Stays Fresh promise to the end consumer. Polygiene strives to use the most environmentally friendly and best performing technologies on the market, meanwhile providing a sustainable, water saving story and life-cycle approach that can be implemented in our daily lives.”