Lightweight gear designer and manufacturer PHD has revealed its innovative new Sleep Systems

“Tens of thousands of sleeping bags are sold every year in the UK alone – most of them are warmer and much heavier than the customer needs.”
That’s the line by PHD with the announcement of their new ultralight range called Sleep Systems.
This range links together down gear into a number of simple systems that supposedly help to halve the weight that you’d normally carry for sleeping outdoors while also providing ample warmth. Essentially, the idea is that instead of carrying a thick and perhaps heavy sleeping bag when it’s cold, you instead carry a thin one and combine it with other insulating items.
Gear Editor Chris Townsend was offered an exclusive opportunity to test out this range on a recent trip, trying a sleeping bag and clothing system that weighed just 775g.
He said: “I used the PHD Ultra K down bag, which has a lower temperature rating of +8°C, plus the ultralight Wafer K series down jacket, trousers and socks.
“The clothing has minimal features and the fabrics are very soft so it’s comfortable to sleep in. The first night the temperatures fell to +7°C in the tent and I was just warm enough in the sleeping bag alone. I did wake a few times feeling a touch chilly though, so the second night I slept in the down socks, trousers and jacket. The temperature fell to +6° and I was very warm and cosy, not waking once.
“PHD says that the Ultra K bag plus Wafer clothing should be warm enough down to +3°. I reckon it would keep me warm a few degrees lower.”
You can get more information on Sleep Systems on PHD’s website here.