The results from Chris Townsend’s stove test in the June 2015 issue of The Great Outdoors

At the end of a long day in the hills there’s nothing better than seeing the first wisps of steam trickling out of a pot and knowing that a hot drink will soon be in your hand.

To ensure you can have that hot brew, a reliable stove is essential. Here are some to consider…

Fissure Ti-Tri

Trail Designs Fissure Ti-Tri with Inferno Insert stove

“I like the foolproof design, the windproof cone and the ultralight weight. The springy titanium cone that combines the functions of windshield and pot support isn’t that easy to pack though…”
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Jetboil MiniMo stove

“The MiniMo is powerful and economical with fuel. The wide pot and lower height makes it much more stable than most similar stoves…”
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Primus Lite

Primus Lite stove

“This is the best system I’ve seen for this connection. However the soft webbing handle doesn’t make holding a full pot very secure…”
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Vango Folding Gas Stove

“It’s a low profile hose-connected stove with wide fold-out legs and a wide burner, making it suitable for use with large pots…”
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Coleman F1 Lite stove

“The Coleman F1 Lite is surprisingly powerful for such a tiny stove and boils water just as fast as bigger, heavier models. Simmering is easy too…”
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Meths Cook Kit

Speedster Backpacking Products Meths Cook Kit stove

“This UK Speedster meths stove unit is windproof and efficient. It consists of a folding aluminium windshield with pot supports and cut-outs for the pot handles…”
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Optimus Polaris Optifuel stove

“The fitted jet will work with all fuels. This makes the stove much easier to use and very versatile…”
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jetboil Joule

Jetboil Joule Stove

“This big powerful stove is designed for group cooking in all conditions. Most unusually it’s a cartridge top stove that uses an inverted cartridge…”
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MSR windboiler

MSR Windboiler stove

“The design is excellent, one of the best I’ve come across in this type of stove. There’s a pot cosy firmly attached to the pot that doesn’t slip and a semi-rigid fabric handle that gives a firm grip…”
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Alpkit Koro

Alpkit Koro Stove

“Very light, fuel efficient and compact this low profile titanium stove is extremely good value for money…”
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