Nobody knows stoves better than TGO’s Gear Editor Chris Townsend. Here’s his lowdown on the latest models. On test Coleman F1 Lite stove

The Coleman F1 Lite is surprisingly powerful for such a tiny stove and boils water just as fast as bigger, heavier models. Simmering is easy too though I wish the wire flame control was a little longer. The stove isn’t wind-resistant and a windshield is needed in anything more than a light breeze. The stove shouldn’t be fully surrounded by a windshield so the cartridge doesn’t get too hot.

In use the Fi Lite makes for quite a tall unit, though with a small pot stability is ok as long as it’s on flat ground. A cartridge stand improves stability though I rarely bother with one.

The price of the Fi Lite is low and this stove is a good choice for above freezing temperatures.

Reviewed in June 2015 Issue.