Nobody knows stoves better than TGO’s Gear Editor Chris Townsend. Here’s his lowdown on the latest models. On test Trail Designs Fissure Ti-Tri with Inferno Insert camping stove

The Ti-Tri has been my most used stove for the last five years, including on my last two long distance walks. I like the foolproof design, the windproof cone and the ultralight weight. The springy titanium cone that combines the functions of windshield and pot support isn’t that easy to pack though. I’ve always used the plastic container called the Caldera Caddy that’s available from Trail Designs. However the Fissure Ti-Tri is designed to pack inside your pot, especially if it’s a tall one.  Trail Designs has achieved this by splitting the cone into two interlocking sections. This does make setting up the cone slightly more complicated but once you’re used to it just a few extra seconds are needed.

My favourite pot, the Evernew 0.9 litre titanium one, is wide rather than tall and so not ideal for the Fissure. Even so Trail Designs sent me one designed for this pot (all Ti-Tri units are designed for specific pots) and it fits inside okay though it has to go in sideways rather than upright due to the lack of depth in the pot and I needed a rubber band round the pot to stop the cone pushing the lid off.

The Ti-Tri comes with a drinks can meths burner and a tiny stand for solid fuel tablets. I’ve mostly used the meths burner but when I have tried solid fuel it’s worked well. The Ti-Tri is also available with the Inferno wood-burning insert, which consists of a grate and a smaller cone that fits, inverted, inside the main one. With the Inferno wood burns hotter and is reduced to a fine ash. I used it frequently on the Pacific Northwest Trail where I was usually camped in forests.

A Ti-Tri that fits inside its pot certainly saves space in the pack. If you use a tall pot this is the best Ti-Tri model. For wide pots the Sidewinder version works as well for packing inside while if you’re happy using the caddy for then the Classic Ti-Tri is the one to choose. The Ti-Tri is available from

Reviewed in June 2015 Issue