Lifesystems has unveiled a new head torch collection for 2018

Intensity 105 Head Torch

Lifesystems say this is ‘the perfect back-up or just in case head torch’. Lifesystems’ new Intensity 105 weighs 42g and has a compact design that can easily be stored inside a pack in case of emergencies. The rechargeable Intensity 105 offers a 105 lumens output thanks to its CREE XP-G2 white LED.
The head torch features 7 lighting modes including SOS flashing and its beam distance can be adjusted between 9 and 45 metres. With a water-resistant, IPX6 casing, the Intensity 105 is easy to charge using the supplied USB charger and features both power and charging indicator lights for convenience. When fully charged, the Intensity 105 offers a 25-hour battery life.

Intensity 155 Head Torch

This model runs off one AA battery. A powerful CREE XPG3 S2 LED bulb offers a 155-lumen output and a 62m adjustable beam distance. Seven lighting modes allow you to choose between brightness and battery preservation and there is a red mode for preserving night vision. The head torch offers up to 35 hours of battery life and has a water-resistant IPX6 construction that can be used in most weather conditions. The Intensity 155 is part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Recommended Kit List.

Intensity 230 Head Torch

This is the brightest head torch in Lifesystems’ new range. With a bright 230-lumen output and 85m beam distance, the Intensity 230 features a powerful CREE XPG3 S2 white LED bulb as well as two red LEDs for night vision. There are seven lighting modes including an SOS mode. The Intensity 230 features a Lithium-Ion battery giving 110 hours of battery life and can be easily recharged with the supplied USB charging cable.