Ripped straps, broken buckle and broken pack frames can all be fixed on the go. Here’s how…

Repairing a ripped strap

You will need: Sewing kit, nylon webbing
How to do it: Stitch a length of webbing over the rip. Heavy duty sewing machine needles and strong thread are needed.

Repairing a broken buckle

You will need: Duct tape
How to do it: Repair with duct tape, but it won’t bear any weight. Replacing the buckle is best.

Repairing a broken pack frame

You will need: Nylon cord, duct tape
How to do it: Modern internal frames can’t really be repaired if they snap. The best thing to do is discard the frame, if removable, and pack carefully. For rigid external frames (which hardly anybody uses anymore and could fail at the welds) lash together with nylon cord and reinforce with duct tape.

Maintenance tips

1. After a hike, shake all loose dirt and grit from your pack, hang upside-down to dry and open all pockets to allow moisture to escape
2. Overloaded pockets can cause stress on zips, seams and mesh
3. Check seams, zips, buckles and straps for wear before a trip