A worn shoe sole can prove to be a real problem on a backpacking weekend, but with a few tips and even fewer items, Chris Townsend shows how we can repair anything on the trail

You will need: Shoe Goo and duct tape
How to do it: Apply adhesive and tightly wrap the boot in duct tape. Leave to dry overnight. It is important that the boots are completely dry before repair.

Maintenance tips

1. After a walk, rinse and wipe your boots before allowing them to dry. Once dry, remove the rest of the mud and dirt with a toothbrush. Always remove the laces.
2. Never dry boots on a radiator or near a hot fire or heater. Stuff them with newspaper to help them dry out.
3. Keep boots watertight by reproofing them with Nikwax Waterproofing Wax, Granger’s G-Max or appropriate treatment (depending on what the boots are made from)
4. Broken boot laces can be replaced with nylon cord (fuse the ends with heat)