When the sky is clear and the air crisp there’s nothing better than a winter wild camp, particularly when there’s snow on the ground. Here are nine simple tips for pitching on the white stuff


Be prepared – as well as extra food and clothing, carry a lightweight snow shovel and snow pegs to supplement your usual camping kit.


Avoid pitching in sites where windblown snow will accumulate, for example too close to a boulder or a wall. Also be aware of places that might be subject to avalanche.


If the snow is deep and soft, stamp around an area a bit larger than the footprint of your tent and then, if you can, leave the snow to firm up before pitching.


If the cover is only thin, use a shovel to clear the snow from the area.


Keep your gloves on! Avoid touching poles and pegs with your bare hands.


If the snow is very soft, consider burying your pegs horizontally with the guylines tied on, and then stamp them down to secure them under the snowpack.


You can also use your axe or trekking poles as additional pegs, or fill stuffsacks with snow and bury them.


On windy nights, build up the snow around the edges of the tent to keep the wind from getting under the flysheet.


Be aware of snow accumulating on top of your tent (a telltale sign is sounds getting quieter) or outside the door. You might need to leave the tent during the night to clear built-up snow away.

Image by Chris Townsend