As part of of The Great Outdoors magazine’s February 2021 review of winter mountaineering boots, Lucy Wallace reviews the Scarpa Ribelle Lite HD WMN. 

There’s quite a lot of technology in the Scarpa Ribelle Lite HD WMN, which is noticeable as soon as you pick them up. They feel impressively light both in the hand and on the foot.

The most significant difference between these and others tested is that the H-Dry membrane is laminated directly to the inside of the uppers, removing layers and reducing weight. They are Spartan, with minimalist cushioning and insulation (so not as warm as I would like for winter). I experienced some pressure rubs on my ankles and would replace the footbed to get more cushioning underfoot for long days. The boot is relatively low on the ankle and a gaiter is recommended in soft snow and wet conditions to prevent wet feet.

On the plus side, what they lack in comfort they make up for in technical prowess. These boots are neat to wear, grippy and precise on harder rocky terrain, and the smooth, clean edges to the sole and the side of the boot slice into snow with aplomb. Whilst the uppers are more flexible than the other boots tested, the shank is stiff enough for a C2 crampon. These are stellar boots for Alpine adventures and spring conditions, but I prefer something beefier for the typical conditions I encounter in Scottish Winter.