Chris Townsend recommends the expensive PHD K Hispar 400 for those seeking maximum warmth for the least weight for whom money is no object.

This review of the PHD K Hispar 400 was first published in June 2016.

Very expensive, very light and very warm the K Series Hispar 400 bag has by far the best warmth to weight ratio of all the bags tested. This is due to the extremely high fill power down (the main reason for the cost – along with UK production), the light shell fabrics and the fairly basic design, in particular the short zip which does reduce the ventilation options. On warm nights you can’t unzip it fully or use it as a quilt.

PHD says the down is a by-product of the food industry and not from live-plucked birds, and that PHD visits the producers. The bag has a draft collar, double draft tubes behind the zip and a good hood that fi ts well round the head. The drawcords are easy to use.

PHD K Hispar 400 – Recommended

Chris gear tests the PHD K Hispar 400 in 2023 in the Rough Bounds. Credit: Chris Townsend

There are narrow insulated channels along each side to allow the down to loft fully here and block baffles in the sides so down can’t shift from top to bottom. The tapered mummy design is roomy round the torso but quite narrow around the legs. It’s a bag you turn over in and is just as warm and comfortable whichever way up it is.

The price and specifications are for the standard bag but this being PHD there are many options including a waterproof shell and a full zip. Further customisation is available via PHD’s excellent Design Your Own Sleeping bag service. If you want the maximum warmth for the least weight and money isn’t a factor this is the bag to choose.

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