This mat is luxurious, and so comfortable that it’s like sleeping on a mattress at home. It’s also very warm. This is because it’s filled with down and is quite thick. I can’t say what it’s like at -24ºC but it was certainly fine at -8ºC camped on snow. As it’s down filled it shouldn’t be blown up by mouth (moisture in your breath would dampen the down) so it comes with a large stuffsack that doubles as a pump. This is reasonably easy to use though a little awkward in a small tent. The down is held in welded chambers so it can’t move about.

The mat is also lightweight – the lightest for the warmth tested – and compact. The shell fabric is quite grippy on the top so your sleeping bag doesn’t slide around but slightly slippier on the base – I found it slid around on a silicone nylon groundsheet
when camped on a slight slope. The fabrics are not puncture resistant like those on heavier DownMats so it does require care. The drawback to the mat is the high cost. But if you want the warmest, most comfortable lightweight mat around this is
it. There are two shorter sleeping mat sizes than the one I tested, the XS at 120cm and 400 grams and the Small at 163cm and 500 grams, and one longer one, the Large at 197 cm and 735 grams which has a width of 65cm.