Chris Townsend reviews a revolutionary jacket with astonishingly low weight.

This review is part of our ultralight waterproofs gear guide, and was first published in the May 2019 issue of The Great Outdoors.

I am astonished at this jacket’s low weight. Few base layers are this light! Berghaus says it’s the lightest 3-layer waterproof in the world. Being 3-layer adds durability and breathability. Berghaus also says the Hydroshell Elite Pro fabric is three times stronger and tougher than that in similar-weight coated garments. And breathability is astonishing too (Berghaus says it’s the most breathable jacket they’ve ever made). But what about in actual use? Here I am impressed. This thin, wispy fabric really is highly breathable. It’s also soft and comfortable.

To achieve the low weight the design is, unsurprisingly, minimalist. One tiny pocket inside. Cuffs, hem and hood all semi-elasticated. Hood close-fitting, stays on in strong winds; just fits over a thin hat. Cuffs slightly extended at the top with elastication underneath. Main body made from one piece of seamless fabric, allowing for more freedom when moving.

The Hyper 100 is close-fitting. The Large is comfy over a thin fleece. I reckon it’s excellent for ultralight summer back-packing. It seems pricy, but you’re paying for the performance and that low weight.

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