The Slipstream GL Smock is the lightest garment tested yet has a hood and a fairly roomy pocket. The low weight is mainly due to the very fine fabric, the latest version of Pertex Quantum. This material is very shiny and reflective, a distinctive look that may put some people off the garment (I have had one rude comment that it looked like I was wearing a bin liner). The thinness of the fabric may mean it doesn’t wear well but I thought that about the original Quantum and was proved wrong. The Slipstream is a close fit – I can’t wear it comfortably over a thin fleece. The hood is protective unless you face into a strong wind when it can be blown half-off as it doesn’t have any drawcords. The pocket is quite roomy but not big enough for a map. The elastic cuff s don’t allow ventilation but the sleeves can be pushed up. If ultralight weight and a hood are important and you don’t mind the shiny fabric this is an okay windproof. It is expensive though.