These Keela Machu summer hiking trousers are basic in features and made from lightweight, highly breathable nylon with just enough stretch. Fit is about average, but they do sit at my hips, not my waist. Freedom of movement is excellent. You get belt loops for support.

Alex Roddie Recommends

These are pretty close to my ideal for the perfect summer walking trouser. The price is good however it’s a shame about the pockets
  • Lightweight
  • Insect protection
  • Great for hot weather
  • Very small pockets
Quick specs
Price: £74.95
Weight: 279g
Materials: 96% nylon, 4% spandex
Features: Insect Shield treatment, UPF protection
Pockets: 1x rear pocket (zipped), 2x hand pockets (zipped)
Hem: simple
Sizes: men: waist 28–44”, leg 29–34”; women: 8–20, leg 29–33”
Womens/Mens version: both

The fabric contains Insect Shield technology, said to include a permanent Permethrin treatment for repelling biting insects. They also have UPF protection. Although I haven’t been able to test their insect-repelling properties yet, I can confirm that they are cool and comfortable in warm sunshine. The lightweight khaki colour helps here.

The only real downside is that the pockets, while zipped, are small. I like to keep a phone and notebook in my right hip pocket, and I’d sometimes find the notebook falling out. This would be no problem if you don’t load up your pockets; if you do, look elsewhere.

In terms of style, they look like ordinary khaki chinos from a distance. If you prefer not to look like a tooled-up mountain athlete this could be a plus.

These are pretty close to my ideal for the perfect summer walking trouser: lightweight, airy, protective in all the ways that matter, and in a light colour that repels the sun and makes ticks stand out. The price is also decent. It’s just a shame about the pockets.