The KAMMWEG  base layer was designed for multi-day trekking trips and the lightweight combination of durable polyester and merino wool is perfect for chucking in a pack – although it does crease quite badly whereas the other base layers in this test do not.

Price: £60 | Weight: 102g (women’s size UK10/12) | Materials: 50% wool (merino), 50% polyester | Features: long back length | Sizes: XS – XXL | Men’s version: Yes |

Otherwise, I found this base layer to be breathable, partly due to the looser fit and long back length and partly due to the light weight. This was appreciated on warmer mountain days but in colder temperatures, others in this test kept my temperature better regulated. In other words, the KAMMWEG is a little on the cold side and I would often reach for a mid-layer even in milder conditions. It’s worth noting this is the only short-sleeved base layer in my test, so it’s to be expected.

I did experience some pooling of sweat, although the fabric dried fast when it wicked. Sweat does show up on the material almost immediately, which is a factor if wearing on its own in very warm conditions.

Despite being 50% merino wool, it also wasn’t as soft or comfortable as others on this test. It did, however, boast excellent odour control even on warmer multi-day trips. As is to be expected with a natural fibre content, it’s also more expensive than others here.