Chris Townsend likes the soft, comfortable and breathable BAM Summit Durlston Adventure trousers.

These BAM Summit Durlston trousers are made from a wonderfully soft and comfortable fabric, a mix of two types of viscose and cotton with a little elastane added to make them stretchy. They fit closely and move easily with you.

The fabric has a water-resistant PFC-free treatment called Rudolf Bionic Finish Eco, which is said to be durable. This makes drizzle and light rain bead up on the surface. Heavier rain soon penetrates the fabric. It then absorbs a fair amount and doesn’t dry very quickly though it doesn’t feel as cold or clammy as 100% cotton. Waterproof overtrousers are a good idea in constant or heavy rain, as with other walking trousers.

I was concerned the water-resistant finish might impair the breathability. I needn’t have worried. It doesn’t. The trousers are very breathable. I’ve worn them for hillwalking in hot weather without my legs getting sweaty.

These aren’t winter trousers but the fabric is quite warm and I’ve found them fine in cool weather. Wind-resistance is reasonable.

The fabric is showing slight signs of wear at the knees, unsurprising given the softness of the material and my habit of kneeling down to take photographs, often on stony ground. This does suggest that they’re probably not the best trousers for scrambling or climbing if you want them to last.

The trousers have four pockets. The front zipped ones are fairly roomy, the rear ones aren’t as they fit closely. There are no cargo pockets. Due to the softness of the fabric and the close fit I don’t think much could be comfortably carried in them anyway.

The fit range is limited for men – just six sizes – and there are no women’s sizes.

If they fit the comfort makes these excellent trousers. I like them.

RECOMMENDED: This product has been awarded our ‘Recommended’ endorsement, meaning our reviewer believes it is a strong product which works well for its intended purpose.

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