There’s more to Instagram than selfies and food snaps…

From professional mountaineers to impromptu shutterbugs, the growing army of Instagram users bring snow-capped peaks, undulating dales and sinuous rivers to our fingertips.

We have collected some of the best Instagram accounts; people who capture Cumbria, Yorkshire, Snowdonia and the Peak District at their rawest and most mesmerising. With a few clicks of a smartphone they share their love for the landscape and experiences with their followers.

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Alex Wrigley @alexwrigleyphotography

Alex Wrigley is a professional photographer who has taken some mesmerising images of the Lake District and the wildlife he finds there.
Alex says, “I love being out in the landscapes simply because it makes me feel free. The ruggedness and isolation of the surrounding landscape is soul enriching, and the excitement that comes from witnessing the changing light on the ominously looming mountains is a massive adrenaline rush. But once that rush comes to an end, you still have the absolute peace and quiet of being the only person for miles around…”
If you are impressed by Alex’s Instagram head to his website for more of his work.

Mark Sweeney @mark_sweeney_photography

A keen mountaineer and outdoor blogger, Mark’s photographs capture the ragged, and at points tumultuous nature of Derbyshire and Cumbria.

Mark says, “I love the thought that Instagram is less personal than Facebook, people judge the picture and not the photographer. I love the outdoors and sharing my experiences through my photographs.”

Jamie Rooke @exploring.snowdonia_eryri

Jamie shows Snowdonia in all conditions, from those rare sunny days to the glistening white peaks.
He says, “True story- it was actually Instagram that got me into mountains! I went out one day to grab a few pictures and fell in love with the hills of Snowdonia. I love the camaraderie of being out in the mountains with friends but also the freedom of time spent alone to think.”

Leigh Weston @hilltopfarmgirl

The difference between 1000ft and 1800ft #malham #malhamdale #yorkshiredales #sheep #hills #landscape #snow #farm #farming #farmlife #winter
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A traditional farmer, breeding pedigree Belted Galloway cattle and Swaledale sheep in the Yorkshire Dales, Weston eagerly documents the great outdoors. Along with her gorgeous sheepdog and cattle Leigh documents the crisp winter sunrise and the serene dusks in the Dales.

Martin Lewis @thehillwalker

Martin Lewis is a fully qualified Mountain Leader with over 20 years experience guiding hillwalking groups in the mountains of the UK. He has also been trekking in Andalucia, Mallorca and hiking in Australia and North America. His pictures show the vivid colours of the British mountains through all four seasons.
Martin says, “ I love the outdoors, it’s a passion that I have had since I was at school when they used to take us to an outdoor activity centre in the Peak District. I love the freedom of being out there away from the pressures of everyday life. I like the solitude of being alone as well as being with others. I love watching the colours changing as each season comes and goes. This led me to getting interested in taking pictures and sharing them with others. I especially like using Instagram because it’s as it says on the tin. Instant.  I can share pictures instantly while I’m out in the hills and I can receive instant feedback.”

Scott Macalister @scott_mac1

Scott’s passion for the Lake District is clear in all his Photos. The way the sunlight flashes across the mountains and lakes leaves us yearning for the Cumbrian peaks.

Scott says, “Being in the outdoors, up a mountain, is the only time I feel truly alive, and can forget about the worries of the world. The photos I take are something to look back on for years to come.”

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Words: Isobel Duxfield