An interactive map has been created to show walkers which paths are open and which are closed

While most parts of the UK have been affected by the recent storms, Cumbria seems to have fared particularly badly.

The county and its National Park suffered a huge amount of damage from the initial hammering by Storm Desmond at the start of December and unfortunately there hasn’t been much respite with flooding continuing into 2016.

The damage to homes, businesses and infrastructure has been extensive. Even more extensive has been the damage to the landscape; bridges and walls washed away, the ground severely eroded, vegetation destroyed and water quality affected.

Certain paths are now closed off, are inaccessible or have totally disappeared, however there are plenty that are open and ready for visiting walkers – who of course bring vital trade to local businesses.

To aid those hoping to get out walking in the area the Lake District National Park has created an interactive map that shows the current status of each right of way.

Click HERE to view the map and to find out which footpaths are waiting for walkers.