A stay above the jungle canopy or on your own private island… it’s a lot more achievable than you might think

Airbnb isn’t just a useful means of finding a city break or last-minute room; it can also take you to some awe-inspiring, wild and wonderful places.
Among the thousands of places to stay listed by the accommodation platform are 270 private islands and over 600 treehouses.
There’s a place to stay amongst the Ecuadorian rainforest, or you can wake up to the smell of pine needles from a two-storey treehouse in the south of France. There’s even the option to have a unique treetop sleep in the Scottish Highlands.
Below: Watch Bear Grylls freefall to his Airbnb stay on an island paradise

Imagine waking up on your own island retreat, listening to the sounds of the sea surrounding you. Airbnb has places to stay in the glistening waters of the Caribbean, within the thousand islands of the Swedish Archipelago or in perfect isolation in the Greek Islands – there are idyllic listings around the world.
Watch the video below to see one of the treehouse listings through the eyes of a familiar jungle-dwelling character:

Until 9 March, Airbnb will be celebrating its unique listings by offering £100 off every treehouse and private island booked on the platform, with a minimum spend of £400 to qualify for the discount.
Anyone interested in landing their own wild and wonderful escape can search through the 620 treehouses, 270 private islands and more, here.