Classic Yorkshire hillwalking pub, the Tan Hill Inn, is up for sale

You never forgot a visit to the Tan Hill Inn. Whether it was a comment from the endearingly acerbic landlady, perhaps you were (un)lucky enough to get snowed, as New Year’s Eve partygoers were for three days in 2009, or perhaps it was simply the vast views.
The landlady, Louise Peace, told the Guardian: “You can’t not love Tan Hill. You can’t not miss it, you really can’t. It’s in your blood. But I still have to say ‘cheerio’ and let someone else take it on to the next level.”
Peace, who has owned the pub since 2005, is retiring and looking to sell the pub for £900,000.
The Great Outdoors columnist Carey Davies had a memorable trip to the Tan Hill Inn here a few years ago – you can read this wonderful article here.