John Chivall reviews a new guidebook to the Highlands and Islands

This latest guidebook follows Wild Things’ now established format of many brief descriptions of a wide range of destinations, illustrated with plenty of quality photographs.

A brief and evocative introduction is followed by a section giving sound advice on safe and responsible access, though curiously the Scottish Outdoor Access Code isn’t mentioned. The publisher says that responsible access advice is the same in most of their books, but it does seem there’s a missed opportunity for visitors to be informed about Scotland’s uniquely favourable laws.

The book focuses on the Highlands and Islands, which the authors divide into 23 regions. Each  gets an overview spread with a recommended weekend itinerary, and the various destinations are then grouped by theme: eg. rivers and lochs, or sacred and ancient sites. A range of interesting accommodation options are provided, including luxury hotels, cottages and hip glamping spots.

Very few people will have been to all the areas described here. Just flicking through the pages is enough to make you want to get your maps out and plan what you could do with your next weekend away. It’s not a mountain walking guidebook, but there is plenty here to make your next adventure in the Highlands or Islands a memorable one.

Wild Guide Scotland: Hidden Places, Great Adventures and the Good Life is published by Wild Things Publishing (£16.99)
This review was first published in the July 2017 issue of The Great Outdoors