Around 300 pink-footed geese have been spotted in Montrose – a familiar location for TGO Challengers
The birds have been recorded at the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Montrose Basin Wildlife Reserve, Angus, and are the first of tens of thousands expected to arrive from Iceland. It’s the finishing point of an incredible 1,200km (745 mile) yearly migration.
Last year, a record 90,000 were spotted at the reserve. Numbers have been rising for several years.
The Scottish Wildlife Trust is holding special events in October to help members of the public learn about pink-footed geese. Montrose Basin Visitor Centre – which offers a unique view of the Basin and its winter visitors, including golden plover, eider duck and widgeon – is open daily throughout September and October.
Scottish Wildlife Trust Ranger Anna Cheshier said: “Now that the first few hundred pink-footed geese have arrived we’d expect them to come in very quickly, with numbers peaking in mid-October.
“Montrose Basin is internationally important for these birds. Around one fifth of the world’s population winters or passes through the reserve each year.
“The sight and sound of them gathering in large numbers on the Basin is a real herald of autumn, I’d encourage people to come and see them for themselves over the coming weeks.”

About the events

  • Goose Breakfast, Sunday 8 October. Enjoy the spectacle of thousands of pink-footed geese on the Basin at dawn. Booking essential.
  • A Gabble About Geese, Friday 22 October. An informative talk by Montrose Basin Ranger Anna Cheshier. Booking essential.

Image © Steve Gardner

Header image © Adam McClure