Wigwam’s new socks make for a ‘comfortable, fast wicking pair’ according to TGO Gear Editor, Chris Townsend

Wigwam’s Peak2Pub range of socks, which were launched last autumn, are meant to be as suitable for wearing in the pub as on the hills – as the name suggests. To that end they are quite colourful and have pretty patterns. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed anyone looking at my socks in a bar nor can I remember ever looking at anyone else’s. After a walk socks are usually sweaty and often muddy and damp anyway. What they look like really isn’t a concern.
That said the Pacific Crest Pro socks are comfortable for walking and will deal with a wide range of temperatures. They’re quite thin so I thought they’d be too cool for winter use but on a brisk walk in the snow they kept my feet warm. I don’t think I’d want to stand around in them for long in freezing temperatures but while moving they were fine.
The socks have Wigwam’s Ultimax moisture control system, which has been around for many years. I have a couple of synthetic Ultimax socks that are well-worn and still in good condition. They’ve certainly lasted better than many other socks. How well the Pacific Crest Pro socks last it’s too soon to tell but I hope they’ll prove just as durable. They’re made from 47% stretch nylon, 30% merino wool, 19% drirelease Tencel (88% polyester, 12% Tencel), and 4% Spandex. Tencel is an absorbent fabric derived from wood cellulose.  The mix of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fabrics is meant for rapid moisture dispersal plus softness and comfort. Only the sole is cushioned, but still not very heavily. The rest of the sock is a mix of very thin mesh panels and slightly thicker rib knitted sections. Elastication at the top keeps them up and seamless toes means there’s no rubbing.
Wigwam says the socks keep feet dry and prevent blisters. The second has been true so far, the first probably would have been if I hadn’t stepped in a puddle deeper than the top of my boots. The latter did show that the socks don’t ruck up when wet and feel warm quite quickly when wet and then dry fast. When I wasn’t walking through puddles the socks did stay dry, wicking moisture fast. The socks also have an odour prevention treatment and they haven’t got smelly after a few days wear. I haven’t worn them for a week yet.
For three-season walking the Pacific Crest Pro socks are excellent. I found them very comfortable. They’re not full weight winter socks but will cope with surprisingly cool temperatures.