Cairn Gorm 8-5-3A headnet that doesn’t distort your vision

I hate headnets. But I hate midges even more so I do use headnets when the only alternative is going crazy. The big problem with headnets is that they severely limit vision. I really dislike viewing an indsitinct world through a veil. There are headnets with plastic panels and these do help a little. However the panels aren’t flat and they distort easily so the view through them is still usually blurred. They steam up quickly too.

A new product looks as though it could be the solution to this. Netspex combines a headnet with a pair of glasses with high quality clear lenses through which you can see properly. The top of Netspex is a circle of plain fabric from which the net hangs. The bottom of the net is elasticated. To put Netspex on you turn the net inside out, put the glasses on, then pull the net over your head. Netspex is quite roomy and fits easily over a wide brimmed hat. Or you can wear the hat over the headnet.

Cairn Gorm 8-5-5

Netspex can still fog up, though so far my limited usage suggests this isn’t as bad as with plastic panels. The makers suggest using fogtech DX anti-fog wipes on the lens to minimise fogging.

As I write this the midges haven’t yet appeared but it won’t be long before they do. I hope I don’t have to but realistically I expect I’ll be wearing the Netspex a fair bit in the coming months. It’s certainly the most practical headnet I’ve seen.

Netspex weighs just 50 grams. It comes with a soft microfibre bag weighing 13 grams and there’s an optional hard case that costs £5 and weighs 84 grams.

Cost: £22.50