Assessing the new Lifesystems ultralight and bright head torch

The Intensity 75 is a new head torch from Lifesystems that appeared on the market just last month. My first impression was how lightweight and tiny it is – just 41g and easily enclosed in a fist. That doesn’t mean it’s not powerful though. It has a single white XP-E2 Cree LED that can give 75 lumens of light. That’s bright. If you don’t need that much light there are medium and low brightness options to save battery life. There are also two smaller red LEDs which can be used to save night sight. The red LEDs can also flash regularly, useful if you want to be seen, and to signal SOS in an emergency. Cycling through the six options with short and long presses of the soft control button is easy. You don’t need a manual to use this head torch.
The Infinity 75 is powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. This can’t be removed and ordinary batteries can’t be used. Charging is via a USB connection and a short mini USB cable is provided. It can be recharged from a power pack in camp if necessary. The battery gives up to 18 hours life. It’s said to hold its power for up to a year when unused, which would be useful when carrying it as a backup as long as you remember to check it occasionally. There’s an indicator on the side that changes from green to red when the power is running out.
The Infinity 75 is mounted on an easily adjustable strap that’s a bit narrower than on most head torches. I still found it perfectly comfortable though as the lamp unit is so light. The lamp pivots through about 30°. That’s okay but a little more would be welcome.
I’ve found the Infinity 75 bright enough for night walking and the battery life adequate for a two-day winter trip. The beam is a spot with a less bright flood round it that I found fine when on the move and in camp.
For the darker half of the year I always carry two head torches both in case of breakage or failure and because it’s much easier to swap them over than change a battery. The Infinity 75 makes an ideal backup head lamp in winter and could well be the only one needed in summer. I think it’s excellent. It’s so light there’s no need to ever leave it behind. The price is low too.