Our gear editor Chris Townsend gives his assessment of Treksta’s trail shoes while out on a month-long hike in the High Sierra

These lightweight trail running shoes are proving excellent. They give a good grip and excellent cushioning. Treksta’s Nestfit with wider, asymmetrical forefoot looks a bit odd but fits really well.
I wasn’t sure about the cordlock lacing but now I’m used to it I like it. I wore the shoes on the very hot 3000ft+ climb out of Yosemite Valley and for the crossing of Selden Pass in a snowstorm.  Both times my feet were fine.
Mostly I’ve worn the shoes the first few hours of the day when it’s cold before changing to sandals and then back to the shoes when it cools down late afternoon. The terrain is often very rocky with many sharp stones.
There is a small tear at the toe of one shoe and the edges of the cushioning midsole are a little ragged. I think this is the penalty for wearing light trail shoes on such harsh ground.
Price: £74.99