Comfortable hiking underwear

Over the years I’ve tried many different underpants for warm weather walking and never found a pair that was really comfortable even for a day out, never mind one that stayed that way for several days wear on long trips. Cold weather isn’t a problem. Merino wool boxers work fine. But only in temperatures below around +5°C. Above that and even the thinnest merino wool is too warm for me.

However now I think I’ve found the ideal underpants for use outside of winter, the Saxx Quest 2.0 Boxer Briefs. These are made from a moisture-wicking, anti-microbial mesh fabric consisting of 77% nylon, 14% elastane, and 9% polyester. They are very stretchy and the ‘slim fit’ medium size fits me well. Features are a 3D hammock shaped front ‘Ballpark Pouch’, fly opening, seams with reversed stitching so the flat side is against the body, and an ‘ergonomic nine-panel construction’ for ‘3D support’.

After finding the Quests  comfortable on a few day walks I took the plunge and wore them on the TGO Challenge. The first week was really hot and I was often sweating copiously, a real test of any clothing. The Quests wicked moisture really fast and didn’t rub. There was none of the itchy, irritating soreness I’ve experienced with many underpants (I have chucked ones in a bin during a long walk before now). I couldn’t feel the seams and the wide waistband stayed flat. I rinsed the Quests out once and they dried overnight. Even after four days wear in the heat without washing they were comfortable and didn’t smell that much (even merino underpants smell a bit after that length of time). The last five days of the walk were much cooler. The Quests remained comfortable. I reckon they’re suitable for year round use.

The Quests come in a five sizes and a wide array of patterns and colours.