Comfortable waterproof/ breathable socks

Bridgedale’s new waterproof Storm socks have a three-layer construction with a waterproof/breathable stretch HydroTech membrane sandwiched between a merino wool/wicking synthetic inner and a tough nylon outer. Lycra in the inner and outer means the whole sock is quite stretchy. There’s also a Lycra band round the arch to keep the sock in place.
The Storm socks come in three lengths – ankle, boot, and knee – and three weights – light, mid, and heavy. I’ve been trying the Midweight Boot socks, which come to mid-calf. They have a terry cushioned footbed, toe and ankle. A pair of size L weighs 136 grams.
The socks fit snugly, the stretch making them cling to the feet. I haven’t found them slipping down or rucking up. The outer feels quite slick – good for avoiding abrasion from boots or shoes – but the inners are soft against the feet. Wearing them in non-waterproof fabric boots and shoes they’ve proved to be waterproof and reasonably breathable even when my footwear has been sodden. Step into snow or cold water and there is a sensation of sudden cold that can be mistaken for wetness. It isn’t. I’ve taken the socks off to check a couple of times and my feet have been dry. After wearing them all day my feet have felt very slightly damp from sweat but not uncomfortably so. I have only worn them in cold conditions though. I reckon in warm weather I’ll find them much too hot. They are quite thick and also windproof and so much warmer than standard knitted socks.
In trail shoes the Storm socks are excellent in wet, windy weather as not only do they keep my feet dry but they also keep out the wind. I’ve also used them as camp socks – pulling them on to go outside in wet footwear so my feet stay warm and dry. Overall I’m quite impressed so far. The key to how good they are will be how long they stay waterproof though. I’ll go on wearing them in wet weather to find out.