Altra Lone Peak -2

A tough test for these lightweight shoes

A few months ago I gave my first impressions of the Altra Lone Peak 2.0 trail shoes (see previous post). These lightweight synthetic mesh shoes have thick cushioning and zero drop between forefoot and heel. After trying them on some low-level day walks I liked the wide fit and the overall comfort and felt that they might be a good replacement for the no longer available Inov8 Terrocs for long walks.

Last month I gave the Lone Peaks a good test on the TGO Challenge, walking around 300 kilometres in 12 days from Morar to Montrose. The shoes proved comfortable throughout even though they were soaked much of the time. When the terrain was dry and it wasn’t raining they did dry quickly. On every sort of terrain the sole gripped okay, only slipping a little on steep and very muddy slopes – conditions where I doubt any footwear would have been very secure. Back in April I wrote that the insoles were flimsy and that for long walks I’d replace them with Superfeet. However when I put the latter in the shoes they felt very uncomfortable, I think due to the zero drop, so I used the original insoles and had no problems with them.

 Durability was a key question. I have completely trashed a new pair of trail shoes on the Challenge in the past. However much I liked the Lone Peaks they had to last reasonably well to be worth considering for even longer walks than the Challenge. I was relieved and delighted then when they proved quite tough.  Looking at them after the walk, the uppers are in fine condition with no holes or tears. The black mesh fabric has faded a little and is a little more wrinkled but otherwise they look much the same as when new.

The midsole has lasted well too and hasn’t compressed noticeably. The tread has also worn well except at the toes. Here some of the little triangular studs have almost worn away completely whilst others have been torn on rocks.  This doesn’t affect the performance significantly though and I think the soles should last quite a while longer.

I’m impressed enough with the Lone Peaks that they are now my first choice for long distance walks.