Today on the Blogger Network, we feature an entertaining yet philosophical look at why hillwalking is worth it
After a spell of TGO Challenge trip reports, it’s time for something a little different this week on the Blogger Network.
Charlotte Drew writes at The Uphill Struggler – ‘a blog about struggling uphill (literally, not metaphorically)’. In this quirky post, she examines exactly what hillwalking has given her in terms of mental and physical wellbeing, and there are a few laughs along the way.

Partly, it is those brief moments where the body takes over and says something like ‘drink some water, you idiot’ or ‘stop climbing for a second or I’ll give you an encore of your lunch.’ These types of survival instincts dictated by the physicality of the body are great for perspective (honest). My day job (academic writing) often makes me feel like I’m a brain being carried around in a squashy, human-shaped receptacle that is secondary to it. The more I experience these physically driven moments of apparent peril (no matter how brief) the more relaxed I feel over all. I am not a hiker who walks to think: I am a hiker who walks to stop thinking.

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