This week on the Blogger Network, we’re reposting an article that demonstrates you don’t need a smartphone or internet connection to enjoy the hills…
Emily Woodhouse runs the blog Travelling Lines, all about hiking, mountaineering, backpacking, cycling, and more. In her latest post, Emily explains how – and more importantly why – she travels without a smartphone or internet connection of any kind:

If you’re constantly trying to ‘make most of moment’ it completely changes the dynamic of an adventure. It’s no longer adventure for adventure’s sake. You are a reporter or a presenter, somehow always looking back at normal life or over your shoulder on the internet. If you don’t take the technology – make it a bit difficult for yourself, you capture discriminately. You are not obliged to record every moment.

This approach isn’t for everyone, but Emily makes a compelling case for unplugging and switching off every once in a while.
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