This week on the Blogger Network, we’re sharing the latest in an excellent series of Pennine Way blog posts from An Oldie Outdoors.

Andrew first walked the Pennine Way in 1999 a few weeks before he turned 40, and this year he decided to repeat the adventure shortly before turning 60. “We’ll see,” Andrew says, “whether I again repeat it just before I turn eighty!”
Andrew’s blog posts from the Pennine Way are entertaining and frequently laugh-out-loud. In his latest update, he enjoys dry conditions underfoot, reflects on minimalism and mountain tops, chats with people who like to use the moors for grouse shooting, and finds a fragrant momento:

The vistas were broad, the air was still, the temperature benign; nothing whatsoever happened to me other than on the way up Old Bess Hill I picked up a revoltingly-perfumed sweatshirt which I waved like a knight’s banner on my pole at a group of teenagers ahead. Surprisingly they all denied it belonged to them, although I suspect one of their number was secretly embarrassed at a terrible fragrance selection error in a cheap chemist. It’s probably still up there making the sheep sneeze as I write.

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