Today on the Blogger Network, we feature Andrew’s TGO Challenge trip report – an irreverent and light-hearted look at the UK’s premier backpacking event
Like the Challengers themselves, TGO Challenge trip reports come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen the philosophical ones, the poetic ones, the concise ones, the photo essays and the vlogs – but today we’re highlighting a trip report series characterised by lots of pictures, detailed day-by-day route maps, and writing that’s both concise and frequently funny. There are gems of wisdom throughout. Andrew’s an experienced Challenger who blogs at Fast Track to Nowhere in Particular. With many crossings under his belt, his advice on foot care is on point:

This was the nicest weather since 2008.
It was dry almost every day.
But many people had foot issues and blisters and ….
Look, ok, I am going to mention foot care now…
If it isn’t an injury, and your feet are trashed there are things you ought to consider for the future..
1. Did you have the right footwear?
2. Were the socks right?
maybe this should be looked into…
Ohh.. I’d never wear trail shoes (my feet were blistered??) Really????
3. Did you stop as soon as you had an issue and tape the feet or rest the feet? If not, why not, it was bloody glorious weather…
4. Did you just stop on a regular basis and rest your feet, and take them out of the boots / shoes AND socks??
No excuse for not doing that, the weather was blinding.
I have been lucky, I have had no foot issues since 2009 when I gave up bloody great boots.
But boots may be fine and your thing.
I have sympathy with anyone struggling with feet issues.
It’s a total trip and pleasure killer.
But if it was the case, (and it wasn’t an injury), you do need to sit back and review it.
Listen, I did 10 years ago, and touch wood I have never looked back.
This is advice, not a criticism. Just sayin’

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