This week on the Blogger Network, Hendrik Morkel shares his tips on scaling your gear from solo trips to family adventures.

Most lightweight backpacking kit lists we’re accustomed to reading about online are tailored to solo trips, but in his latest post on Hiking in Finland, Hendrik Morkel addresses the question of how solo adventurers can scale their kit lists to accomodate their partner and/or children:

Ten years ago I was mostly backpacking on my own. Even when out with friends, we usually each had our own tarp or shelter, an own stove, and so on. Then I met my wife, we had two kids, and now we once or twice a year go out camping as a family. As the kids are still small it are easy affairs with short hikes, lots of snacks and play time, and pretty much only in warm, comfortable weather. Many of my readers are in a similar situation, and as gear nerds the question comes up: “Which equipment can I use for myself on a Solo trip AND also use when out with the family?”. Over the past seven years I have done plenty of research, trial and error, and this are my findings on how to scale gear from 1 Person to 3 Persons or more.

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