This week on the Blogger Network, we highlight Hendrik Morkel’s post criticising the unsustainable use of plastic packaging in outdoor gear.
Hiking in Finland is a popular blog on hiking, backpacking, and other outdoor pursuits, with an emphasis on Scandinavia. Hendrik’s latest post points out something that some of us may not even have noticed: a lot of the outdoor gear we buy is over-packaged, and that packaging is rarely recyclable.
While many brands are making moves towards more sustainable operations, from material choice to reducing the carbon footprint of their manufacturing, single-use plastic packaging remains commonplace. But what can we do? Hendrik’s advice is simple:

I think the best thing we consumer can do is to make our favourite brands aware of this thing. It’s one thing to say no to straws and lids when you buy your Frappucino or Milkshake, but it doesn’t help if you order three T-Shirts and they come wrapped in an obscene amount of plastic. The first step is to check if you really need another T-Shirt, or if you (like me) have a tower of shirts in your closet and you should just rotate them so that you can wear the ones which were hidden at the bottom. Most of us have so much garments in our closets that we really don’t need any more shirts, pants or jackets.

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