This week on the Blogger Network, Mark Roberts at Backpacking North goes on a camping trip with his daughter.

Camping with children can be a challenge, but it can also be a vital step in their outdoor education – get it right and it can open up a lifetime of enjoyment. In his latest blog post, Mark Roberts tells the story of a camping adventure in the woods with his daughter Enni:

The night brought out some fears of the dark in the little one. When we had camped before in Rovaniemi, it was late summer and still light most of the night. Down here in the south, while camping without winter gear was still possible in October, the nights get dark fast, and she wasn’t accustomed to that. It’s understandable. Fortunately I thought to bring along a mini lantern which I could leave on all night. That helped a little, along with a FaceTime with mum, and some sleeping rearrangements more suited to comforting.

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