This week on the Blogger Network, Ashley Lennon heads to the Lincolnshire Wolds – perhaps the UK’s least-known area for walking.

Ashley Lennon blogs at On Foot – Ashley Lennon, a blog about weekend adventures and day walks that take in the wonderful wildlife and history that the UK has to offer. In his latest post, Ashley heads home to Lincolnshire – often regarded to be one of the flattest parts of the country and of least interest to walkers – and rediscovers that it’s more worthwhile than he remembered:

So, it was at Normanby le Wold (the highest point in Lincolnshire) that we decided to start our days ramble. We had planned a 10 mile walk that would take in the villages of Normanby le Wold, Claxby, Tealby and Walesby- with some amazing views, a cute pub and historical points of interest on the way.

From Normanby we made our way down the ‘western scarp’ that gave us fantastic views west. It’s said that on a clear day you can see the Peak District. We had good views, but not quite that far. After dropping down off the ‘western scarp’ we followed our route on the side of Claxby wood and down into the first village of Claxby.

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