Today on the Blogger Network, we feature the adventure of Geoff Crowther, who recently cycled from the Channel to the Med raising funds for Cancer Research
Geoff blogs at Far not Fast – typically about backpacking and mountains, but recently he’s been up to something a little different. He has completed a self-supported road-biking route from the English Channel to the Mediterranean, over 1,000 miles in length, and has so far raised over £1,600 for Cancer Research.
In his latest post, the final part of an ongoing series of trip reports about the journey, Geoff reflects on the rewards and challenges of his trip:

It’s Tuesday 17th June. The final day of my ride. I’m awake early as usual, thinking. It’s been a difficult journey. Long, hard climbs. Solitude. Self doubt.. But there have been so many positives to balance things. The friendly cafe owner. The welcoming campsite host. The generosity of strangers. Kindness. That’s it, in a word. Kindness.
In an effort to combat the effects of solitude I’ve many times seen myself start a conversation with someone, despite my clumsy, flawed French, to be rewarded with interest and kindness. Sometimes I’ve been approached by others too, interested in why I’m carrying so much luggage on my bike. A couple of times other cyclists have ridden by my side, chatting. So lovely, especially on a difficult day.

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