Today our featured post from the TGO Blogger Network is an overview of the West Highland Way from outdoor blogger Zoe Homes
Zoe’s blog Splodz Blogz is all about adventures big and small. Unlike the typical backpacking blog, Zoe has a wide range of interests and you’ll find articles about nature, international travel, and much more. She keeps a bucket list with a massive range of activities and is well on her way towards completing it.
This year, she hiked the West Highland Way with some friends, and experienced every type of Scottish weather. In this post she explains what makes the West Highland Way a classic and why everyone should hike it.
It is fair to say that the West Highland Way is a beginner’s long distance hike. At 96 miles it sounds like a long way, and yes there are steep bits and technical bits, but all things considered it is an excellent “first time” multi day trek. It is accessible, easy to navigate, and the perfect step up from day hike to trek. This was hugely important to me when choosing where to hike; I might be ready for the most difficult expeditions one day, but this time I was looking for something that was actually achievable.
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