Today on the Blogger Network, Daron Linney spends a night under the stars in the Glyderau

Daron Linney’s blog, Wander the hills, and camp in high places, is characterised by ambitious wild camping trips in stunning locations, accompanied by sumptuous photography. His latest post is all about a snowy overnighter on Glyder Fach in North Wales. Accompanied by Chris Woodcock, they climbed through some challenging conditions before finding clearer weather near the summit – and enjoyed a splendid starry wild camp.
Chris Woodcock was using his TrailStar (a flat tarp shelter), which goes to show that tarps are highly capable even in winter conditions, when used with skill and experience.
When I awoke the next morning the winds were very strong and it was still snowing heavily , I went to check on Chris who informed me he’d had the best nights sleep ever – around 14 hrs ! a little spindrift had made its way in covering his gear, but the Trailstar hadn’t moved an inch. Chris was pleased with how it had handled the weather, no surprise to me – I’ve used one for the past 3-4 yrs and know it can cope.
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