Today on the Blogger Network, Robin Wallace goes backpacking on the Isle of Raasay
After deciding against a section of the Cape Wrath Trail over the Easter break, Robin and Kevin picked a plan B with a difference: backpacking on the Isle of Raasay.
While the Skye Trail has become established as a favourite long-distance path for backpackers in Scotland, the other islands are more esoteric, with most backpackers sticking to the mainland. As Robin remarks at the start of his post, information about walking on the island was hard to come by.
Splendid coastal views and some rough going combine to create a great-looking three-day backpacking route. You can read his full post here, along with a short video from the outing.

We went through a gate and from here it was a boggy section that could rival some of the most notorious boggy sections in Scotland. Thankfully it’s short-lived! The path swung around to a ruined building that looked like it would have made the perfect bothy. From the ruined building the landscape is complex; lots of rocky hillocks and old ruined settlements. The bothy could be difficult to find at night or in misty conditions. With quite a few settlements marked on the map, even GPS was a bit useless, we spied a small cairn and decided to head in that direction. Up and over a small hill revealed the bothy in front of us.