Today on the Blogger Network, Wild About Scotland records a spectacular display of aurora borealis
Wild About Scotland, the blog of outdoor enthusiast Ewan Mearns, is packed with attractive posts on every aspect of the Scottish outdoors: hillwalking, backpacking, cycle touring, camper vans, sea kayaking, and more.
His latest update describe an unusually vivid early-November display of aurora. The lights were so strong that he used a shorter exposure for his camera than usual – 15 seconds instead of his more typical 25 or 30 seconds. Aurora hunting has become more popular in recent years thanks largely to the explosion of information available through the web and social networking, which has taken some of the guesswork (and sheer luck) out of the equation – but witnessing the aurora from Scotland remains an incredibly special experience.
“The bright moon gave great foreground light.  Many people bemoan anything but a new moon for searching out the northern lights but I think on nights like these it’s a real boon to photographers to benefit from some foreground interest.”
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