Today on the Blogger Network, Alastair Ewen learns an important lesson: never forget your stove fuel…

Alastair Ewen runs the blog Aspen Outdoors, all about hiking and hillwalking, bushcraft and DofE. In his latest post, Alastair finds what just might be the coldest bothy in Scotland – one that fails every single criterion for bothy cosiness.
The bothy was partially buried in a snowdrift. With my shovel I quickly dug out the door, pulled down the door handle and pushed… it didn’t move. My immediate thought was: the door’s locked but that’s ok, just get on and put the tarp up in the lee of side of the bothy. But maybe the door was jammed. I gave the door a hard push and it opened. Inside there were small snow drifts where snow had filtered in through the warped doorframe.
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