Today our featured post from the TGO Blogger Network is a useful overview of hiking in Newfoundland via the International Appalachian Trail
Inaki’s blog at Travelling Light is an invaluable resource for lightweight backpacking, with a focus on long thru-hikes and wilderness locations. His most recent trip to Newfoundland didn’t go as planned; due to mistakes made by his airline during transit, he arrived at his destination with no pack, and had to replace critical items locally. Nevertheless, he completed an ambitious route in the wilderness of Newfoundland.
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Newfoundland is all woods, rock, water & marsh. Human habitation is limited to the coastal areas, it doesn’t go far inland. The rest is mostly unfenced wilderness that may look awesome in the map for the wild bound hiker but is not too welcoming for actual hiking: the thickly packed spruce and birch boreal woods leave little room for moving human bodies.

Image © Iñaki Diaz de Etura