Today on the Blogger Network, we highlight a superb set of resources on hiking the International Appalachian Trail in Newfoundland
The International Appalachian Trail is a huge long-distance hiking trail visiting many parts of the world. Long-distance backpacker Inaki, who runs the blog Viajarapie, recently completed a 258-mile segment of this trail in Newfoundland. He has just finished publishing his trail diaries from the trip, along with numerous resources that will prove invaluable for anyone hoping to tackle a journey of this kind themselves. Unlike the ‘true’ Appalachian Trail, little is available online about hiking in this area.
The trail diaries are also well worth reading, following a very tough trip from a lost pack (requiring his entire gear loadout to be replaced before beginning the trail) through to a leg injury.
Read the most recent post here, and the full set of resources here.